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Who am I?

December 14, 2011

Who am I? What am I, how am I, and why am I? Probably some of the most basic questions (see also post “The dubio-formula!“) I can imagine asking myself, and yet so hard to answer. If I add some action to it, it becomes a little bit easier. For example if I add one of the most basic verbs I can think of, “doing”, to the mix, it becomes a bit easier to imagine what kind of answers I could look for in reply to these questions. And by adding this verb, It’s hard do disregard context, so let’s add “work setting” to the equation. Ok, so now we have a good start:

Who am I at my job?
1. What do I do?
2. How do I do it?
3. Why do I do it?

For me, these questions are connecting some of the dots of my…. let’s call it “professional self”, like my motives, my tasks, my skills, my knowledge, etc. Needless to say, being aware of my “(professional) self” has some benefits, like being conscious of my (in)competencies or of what makes me tick. And being self-aware will probably make it easier to connect with others? Hmmm, let’s park that one. Anyway, below is an attempt to connect some of the “professional identity dots” in a quick scribble.


While writing this post, I (almost) read the info below:


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  1. Mireille permalink

    Nice post & drawing. If I had written/drawn this myself I think I would add: the people I love. Because they – dead and alive, both personal friends/family and people I just got to know through books and music etc – cannot be subsumed in categories like ‘my values’ or ‘what do I do’ (let alone ‘my deliverables’). They are more like ever changing mirrors, often inspiring and often like really hard fists punching me in another direction. I think my values et cetera spring from this: other people.

    • Mireille, thanks for your suggestion and nice way of putting it! I will add it when I make a 2.0 version of this post. Ps. I agree that my posts tend to have a bit too much management-bullshit-bingo lingo in them. Sign that they are still developing thoughts > easy to resort to container terminology. If the container is big enough, everything fits 😉

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