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About in dubio

This blog is an attempt to connect some dots in the areas of corporate learning & development, psychology, philosopy and… well…. common sense (read: prejudice). Although, it’s doomed to fail beautifully, my guess is that I will enjoy the process and maybe learn one or two things. The aim of the blog is primarily to force myself to structure some thoughts (connect some dots) around the abovementioned topics, but -obviously- anyone is very welcome to read/respond to the posts!

The starting point for most of my posts are three questions that I can ask myself (or others), being “What do I (choose to) do?”, “How do I do it?”, and “Why do I do it”. And I stick to a few ideas that I think are valuable, linked to these questions. You could call it motto’s (click on the links for an explanation):

  1. Dubito ergo sum (I doubt, therefore I am)
  2. Il faut savoir ce qu’on veut (you have to know what you want)
  3. Choosing is a choice

I am Maarten Hoekstra, a perpetual doubter with a passion for creative approaches to learning & development in the broadest sense of the word. I’m working for the corporate training department of ING Bank, responsible for designing and delivering the development programme for international early career talents. See also my Twitter @MHHoekstra and LinkedIn

Me during one of our talent programmes

  1. Dubio, great post!

  2. OMG this is impressive!!! I even thought for a minute (yes, the following is really true) that I was on the wrong blog. That I stumbled across a professional super-blogger whom you re-Tweeted. But no…. IT’S YOU! This is your blog 😀 Wow…. I am very impressed, love the drawings and hmmm yes just WOW.

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