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My theory, which is mine

December 26, 2011

While writing one of my previous posts on this blog (post: Why do I do it? – Motivation), I was thinking abou how having a certain theory, or hypothesis can make you blind to the actual truth. While writing this blog, which is intended to connect a few loose concepts I find interesting, I find myself hoping it will fit my “theory” of the three basic questions (why, what, how). Ofcourse, it really isn’t a theory, but still I hope I can tie in most of the concepts I find interesting (and think are related). I should be careful not to become biased in any way (haha, as if that’s possible).

This reminds me of an episode of the famous talkshow “Thrust, a quite controversial look at the world around us”, in which miss Ann Elk explains her theory, and whose it is. For me this symbolises the dangers of the combination of simplicity and theories.


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