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The dubio-formula!

January 2, 2012

With pride I present to you…… the dubio-formula! Since I’ve been doubting so much about the three basic what-, how- and why- questions, I thought it’s time to draft my own ‘model’ or ‘mantra’ just to make sure I never forget about them. And maybe it can help me to explain what I’m trying to do (and why and how) to other people!*

Let my try to explain. The way I see it, the what-, why- and how- questions add up to a formula, where the what is the plus or the minus, the how is the multiplier, and the why is the equals symbol.

  • WHAT? The what is about the choices that we make, the things we decide to (go and) do, and the plans that we have. All the choices that we make add up to a plan or a todo-list.
  • HOW? The how is about the methods that we use to get things done. The actions that we actually perform. Whether we get the things done that we planned for (what), depends on our effectiveness and efficiency. Hence the multiplier symbol, the methods (how) make the impact of our decisions (what) smaller or bigger.
  • WHY? The why is what we end up with, the results of the combination of our decisions and our actions. Ideally, when we make our decisions (what), we have some idea on what we would like (or need) to achieve (why). The equals symbol stands for results, both planned and not planned.

Q: Dear reader, please let me know what you think of the dubio-formula! Too simple?

*It works for Sinek, start with the “why not? I say”


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  1. Dubito permalink

    The what, how and why align wel with Daniel Pink’s autonomy, mastery and purpose I think. I will blog about this later.

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