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From sense-making to scenarios

January 13, 2012

Following up on my previous post (See “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”), I’ve zoomed in on the first part of the decision making process I described, how to generate options. Building on the assumption that having many options is a good thing, I logically asked myself is: “How do I generate options?”.

Again, I will try to describe my thinking process:

  1. From some sets of options, it’s more difficult to choose than from other sets
  2. What are the best kind of options in terms of ‘ease of choosing’?
  3. Can you say that ideas lead to options, lead to scenario’s? If yes, are scenario’s the easiest to choose from?
  4. To generate ideas and ‘mature’ them into options or scenario’s you need knowledge.
  5. So before you can start generating scenario’s, you need a sense-making process

The sense-making process is what I tried to visualise in the left-side of the drawing below, where I go from information, via concepts, to meaning. Before synthesizing knowledge into ideas, I have to analyse the information available to me.

The way I see it (at the moment), this drawing could be glued on the front end (left side) of the previous drawing, where the’diverging’ part of this drawing would overlap the ‘diverging’ part of the previous drawing.. Although, this drawing ends with scenario’s and the previous with options, I still think it’s an interesting proposition.


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