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Pink in dubio

January 16, 2012

In a number of posts, I’ve refered to Daniel Pink, and his view on motivation (e.g. post “Why do I do it? – Motivation“). I feel it has a strong link with the what-, how- why-questions (See page “Dubito ergo sum“), and I tried to visualise that in the following picture.

If the choices we make are called ‘the what’, autonomy could be called your ‘what-freedom’? It is motivating to choose your own what. If we would describe the things we do as ‘the how’, then mastery would be ‘being good at the how’. The things we find important, ‘the why’, determine our purpose, or ‘why we do things’, right?

Q: Dear reader, does this comparison fly for you?


From → Awareness, Motivation

  1. Well, yes this certainly flies for me. Though I would prefer to start from right to left, reversing the AMP formula of Pink. Start with the purpose (as you pointed out in other posts), and then connect the what and how in parallel efforts to fulfill the purpose.

    • I see your point. The reason I used this order is because of my previous post “The dubio formula”: I guess it’s a chicken-or-the-egg kind of a matter. While making choices and by doing, you shape your idea of what you want or need. And your motives, values and beliefs in their turn influence your decisions and actions. Right? Hmmm…

  2. Very nice blog you have hhere

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