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What I need from who to perform well

January 29, 2012

How can we help people perform whithin organisations? What are the drivers or inhibitors of performance? Very often, we tend to focus on ‘fixing’ the individual, by training or coaching him/her. An interesting perspective on these drivers and inhibitors was developed by Thomas Gilbert, in a model called “behavior engineering model”. Although I think it’s a horrible name, I think there is value in its simplicity and inclusion of the environment. Key message is that we should focus more on ‘fixing the environment’, rather than ‘fixing the individual’. The model looks something like this:

For me, the model links well to the three basic questions what do I do, how do I do it, and why do I do it, see page “About dubioblog“. So in the lower picture, I made an adapted version of Gilbert’s model. As you can see, it’s not quite finished yet, but I hope it already starts to make a little sense. I added a personal touch to it (contrary to the ‘engineering’ approach of Gilbert), because we’re still talking about people, right?!

Q: Dear reader, what do you think about the models?

For more info on the model, read this article


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