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Optimising my receiving, processing and sending capability

February 8, 2012

What are the most essential skills, insights, competencies, mindsets, we need to have or get in order to be succesful and happy in life? Some might be obvious, but what are the less obvious ones?
To open up my thinking about this topic, I’ve made a schematic drawing with some elements (or categories) of what I think we need to have: we have to receive information, we have to reflect on that information and process it, and we have to be able to send new information again.
Obviously this is very simplistically put, but an interesting question would be: How can I optimise my receiving capabilities? And why is it important to do this? To have big eyes and ears?



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  1. Michiel permalink

    Emotional Reaction seems to be missing here, I believe.

    I often use Edgar Schein’s model ORJI – or ORBI in Dutch- for the psychodynamics in communication.

    ORJI is Observation, emotional Reaction, Judgment and Interpretation.

    Emotional reactions are, off course, often subconscious. They have happened before you realized it!

    I believe it’s more important to understand your emotional reaction than to have big ears 😉

    • Hi Michiel,
      Thanks for your comments! I think you make a very good point, and I will look in to Scheins work to add it to a 2.0 version of this post.
      Thanks again,

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